Sustainable Roundabout Manages Stormwater and Traffic


In Uptown Normal, Illinois, Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects completed work on The Circle, a multi-functional, sustainable roundabout that cleanses and re-circulates stormwater into a public fountain, improves traffic circulation at a busy five-street intersection, and provides community green space. The site’s stormwater management system features innovative elements like filtration bogs, ultra violet sanitizers, and a “structural cell system.” The Circle plaza sits adjacent to the town’s planned multi-modal transportation center, which will connect residents to bus, train, or bike routes. The plaza and center received a U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER grant.  

Peter Schaudt, partner of Hoerr Schaudt, said: “The heart of Normal’s new downtown is a model of environmental awareness that addresses two key challenges in American urbanism today: responsible use of water and a reduced dependence on automobiles. We will see the need for spaces that combine creative infrastructure with public space increase dramatically in the next decade.”

The new roundabout features a stormwater management system that uses bog plants and ultra violet sanitizers to cleanse…

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